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Frequently asked questions:

Questions of general interest will be answered by Finn on this page.

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Q.: How often do you write songs?
A.: All the time in principle though in some periods none.

Q.: Do you write words or make a tune first?
A.: Usually words first, then a tune, and then maybe some more words.

Q.: Why have you written only a few protest songs?
A.: All the songs are protest songs.

Q.: Who is your favorite writer?
A.: The Danish writer Thorkild Hansen (1927-1989).

Q.: Is there anything you dislike?
A.: To be pushed around or taken for granted.

Q.: What is performing like to you?
A.: It is a bit like kick and rush soccer. Always kick the ball into the penalty area. Or like fast bowling in cricket. But it's great when somebody is actually listening to your music.

Q.: Is there a song you percieve of as a key song to you.
A.: I don't think of songs in that way. At least not often. Could there be one? In some ways it could be "Light in the night".

Q.: What is your favorite dish?
A.: I usually like a red herring.

Q.: Can it sometimes be difficult to know the distinction between knowledge and belief?
A.: Some years ago my family and I visited the German city Trier at the River Mosel near Luxemburg. One day as we were parking our car a Catholic priest who passed us at the pavement meant to be friendly and told us that Trier was the frontier town of the Roman Empire at the time and we should go and see the buildings and walls of that era. I asked him if he knew about Hadrian's wall at the border between England and Scotland. He didn't.

Q.: What have been your best concert esperiences?
A.: Overall the Neil Young concert i Horsens on august 28, 2008 has been the greatest with the Rolling Stones concert in 2006 maybe as the runner up. With respect to sound two Everybody's Talking concerts in Aarhus have been the finest. Greatest musician of all has been Billy Cross.

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