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December 2012.

In times like these it may be useful to pause for a minute and think of what is going on.

Somehow and someway people are being treated in a dreadful way. Times with growing unemployment, declining incomes, and other forms of unhappiness, or even tragedy.

Politicians and other leaders talk a lot but they are not much considering the ways people are struck by what is happening.

Those who are considered weak or incapable of performing well or in the desired way and who may or may not in fact lack abilities are punished with being dismissed, laid off, sacked, and sent away.

Those who do not comply are being scared off and isolated in all sorts of ways.

It all seems to reflect the overall working and functioning of society which demands that all persons are consumers of goods and services and suppliers of labour to the full extent and for this all persons must bow their heads and comply with the rules and the rulers.

And when the demand for goods and services and hence the demand for labour is deficient due to crisis brought about by irresponsible monetary policies, and too low taxes, and not too high public expenditure, surplus labour is berieved of its rights and incomes and so regarded not wanted, and being left to live in sheds or under the bridges in cities and towns and villages.

This way a society which is formally democratic is in effect performing just like a dictatorship. In no way a compassionate society.

And all sorts of business go for marginal advantages and benefits and persons who are in demand may be forced to commute over significant distances and so be forced to waste considerable amounts of time.

Those who benefit do they have a name?

Of course each person can think about this and make up his or her mind about it. Providing each person has sufficient information. But ideology may prevent this so people may think: It's their or my own fault and they or I must just comply with the rules and accept whatever bad thing that comes around.

Also those who are better off may be nice and gentle and seem to be helpful and at the same time being able to lie and decieve.

Beware of people who pat you on the back - they may be searching for a place to insert the knife.

And why don't anybody approve of the people they betray?

What can we offer:

And those who tell are they to blame?
And those who benefit do they have a name?
To those who suffer it ain’t no game,
To all of us it should be a shame.

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