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INTRO November 2008.

At the threshold of another move to another location it may be proper to dwell for a moment at the boundaries and properties of the various communities.

There is east, and there is west, and there is north, and there is south.

There are tall people, and there are small people. There are great people, and those who are less than great. There are performers, and there are listeners. And sometimes the latter are just as bright.

And there are producers and farmers and workers and priests and fishermen and they all have a mind of their own and they can't all be right or wrong but they can all disagree. Reporters and the postmen are the worst because they bring all the bad news.

And maybe there are also a few politicians that are causing unrest due to their policies of segregation and envy and jealousy and pettiness and insensitivity. It's like the smaller they are the more they fear anything larger than their own shadow.

Yet you might find that only nature is something to be occasionally afraid of and even then the relationship should be one of respect rather than fear.

When is comes to human beings you should listen to the various forms of music that exist - in the broader sense: Music, books, articles, films, photos, paintings, and the spoken word, and maybe other forms. They may be nothing in themselves but they are all vital parts of communication among people. Perhaps you could find a form that suits you.

And sometimes looking into the eyes of others can be communicative and sometimes a smile and a laugh is the shortest distance between people.

But the precondition is rather obvious, isn't it. That you do not harm other people and that you do not do less than well and that you cannot on your own define what is right for others. Those who are being taken for granted will experience that they are not being taken into account and that you do not reckon them. Do you?

How do you express approval? How do you show appreciation? How do you tell somebody that you care?

Tom Lehrer said that if people can't communicate the very least they can do is to shut up. Some advice, huh? Of course he was just kidding but still: think about it - is there a lesson to be learned or is it too late?

Keep asking the questions. It is important to ask more questions than the highest number of answers or you will never be any the wiser. If you stop asking questions you may as well have some nuts for good measure. Take these words for it:

There are answers flying everywhere but the questions are waving in the air.

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