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Finn's official story is not interesting but he has agreed to supply with some details of the real story which will be updated here:

The true story

Was born is some past century though he isn't quite as old as The Count.

Upon the death of a great American music star age 29 his parents decided that music could survive this tragedy only if it had another star - despite the fact that they had never heard of the deceased.

Has gone to school to learn to read and write and calculate but has not yet got it right.

Did military service at a 36 guns frigate that was sunk missing its keel.

Has attempted to fly over the Danish parliament in a balloon but failed due to wind so the balloon got stuck on the roof causing spectators to laugh. "Typically for Danes they shouted: It's not gonna work, Granberg," he explains.

Was invited to go with Scott but was late for the train 4.50 from Paddington. Went with Amundsen instead. "The horses tasted good but the dogs didn't - or was it the other way around?" he wonders.
"It was rather cold. The intestines of the horses and dogs were recycled as guitar strings when we played Lumberjack, Fun in Acapulco, and Viva Las Vegas", he adds.

Infiltrated the Danish Conservative Party which caused the leader to make irrationel decisions. "It was pay back time for the coup d'état in 1920", he admits.

Later had a job combing the beard of PM Th. Stauning: "There were fleas everywhere. I caught some of the fleas and I sold them to a flea circus that was due to appear on a film called The Chimp", he recalls.

Applied for a job as ekstra for Hollywood star James Finlayson but slipped in a banana peel on the way to audition.

Was the cause of succes for Thor Heyerdahl and the Kontiki. "The sharks would bite the ropes holding the damned thing together and Thor feared for the vessel and the expedition so he would send someone under the keel several times armed with a red herring. The sharks didn't like the smell because we couldn't shower onboard. They also didn't like a bate with a beard. Thor used these opportunities to take photos so I don't appear on the pictures", he regrets.

Persuaded Fidel to grow a beard so he wouldn't be recognized and to dodge kisses from Grand Charles. "I got disappointed because he didn't give me any cigars or rum in return", he complains.

Has doubled for US presidents when they were to appear smart - most notably at the Reykjavik summit. "Misha almost died laughing when he was told about it", he says. "But I refused to meet with Nikita because I was afraid he would take off his shoes."

Advocated that food be extracted from water only to learn that the method had been known for some time. "It's called fishing", he sighs.

Major scientific achievement: Has discovered that a person may be square.

Has suggested the UN legislates that the earth is flat.

Has friends called The Duke of Wellingtons and The Lewd Dude. "This is not actually true. They are not really called those names", he claims.

Main hobby is collecting shrubberies. "You can tell that to the marines," he adds.

The rest of the story is not fit to be put on print. "You can't fool all the people all the time," he concedes.

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