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A few words of introduction, May 2008.

Okay, and a story might begin with the word “and” or a phrase like “as mentioned before”.

But it would not alter anything, as the signs and languages don’t matter much except that they make some people feel better than others. And all sorts of prejudice are existing here or there or anywhere or nowhere or in your mind.

You could always find something or somebody to comply with. But will anybody comply with you if you ask for some respect and dignity in this place?

When the Vikings tried to take over Britain, they were duly defeated and sent running back to where they came from. Wherever that may be. Never to be seen again or at least not for centuries. Whether they will ever show up again is much too early to say though they may be contemplating a renaissance.

Their weapons were blunt or in other ways out of order but next time they might be better prepared with arms of a different nature for the next leg. They may also apply wizards to cast spells on people they want to influence in one way or another. Or they may be painting the sky or catching the sea or changing the wind as if by decree. Or they will make the moon into a flying fortress. They will surely be seen to take the sun away.

Still, they are not like evil spirits of the darkness. They don’t mean to do any harm though they are always believed to do so. But people will be in for a surprise when they realize that the strongest weapons of the Vikings are kindness and love and the best means of hypnosis is laughter in the rain. So a trip from the Tyne and unto Land’s End will be a pleasant journey where only the fox has figured it all out and an owl’s feather is dropped in a ditch to mark the place in eternity or in vain.

When the hawks took off, they soon found the most special of all birds to follow, some of them not all the time, all of them not some of the time, and some not any of the time, but he all of the time. Until that bird flew to a place he could not enter. But that bird has got a mind of its own and cannot be told where to go. That bird cannot fight any of his battles as he cannot contribute to its battles. But that Golden Eagle is in his mind some of the time. As in a mathematical formula its wings can be spread out to embrace the truth and people and give them something that cannot easily be defined.

The time for the end of one era like a round robin may at the same time be the beginning of another era like the time of the great Golden Eagle, though it may not be realized at that point. But it will later be recognized to be so and the new era may be much greater than the previous one and the new room-mate will be seen to be the best achieveable judged by sound and lyrics. Johnny Goode and Mr. Bad are of little or no significance in this context.

And a goddess could go into exile and be hiding where no person could go or ever exist. Even at no distance at all. Would you be able to tell which it is?

There is no supreme court beneath the surface of the earth. There is no humour at the bottom of the sea. There is no friendship in the blue air nor is there any love in the empty space at the other side of the next Milky Way.

If the earth is really round like a ball or something, you will be west of Eden when you are east of Eden. And if that ball is a cricket ball and it hits you straight smack plumb in the face you might not show up for a while.

On the top of the highest mountain there is bound to be something you want and something you don’t want and at the bottom of the river there may be stepping stones or sea weeds or eels and in the water no jellyfish as they belong strictly in the ocean. But alligators go all places and they swallow what they want even if they don’t want it and they get sick in elevators and on staircases and in cellars. If they are addicted to Cheech & Chong and they swallow some of their stuff they will surely be very sick indeed though maybe in a funny way. Dangerously or harmlessly.

In the back of a head and at the bottom of a heart there can be love or hatred, friendship or hostility, approval or nagging, beauty or plainness, understanding or ignorance, scientific spirit or religiousness. Is it a simple choice or a complex matter? Loyalty and treason are relative concepts and they go hand in hand like the lion and the wildebeest. Doesn't it influence your views?

All right, there may have been something learned from a goddess, yes there has been something learned, though it has emerged slowly. It has been deposited, well hidden away, sometimes brought forward, looked upon from various different sides, then hidden again, then looked at and hidden etc. But it has never been completely forgotten and it will never have been in vain. In fact it will always contain elements of truth.

Are you confused? Why not? Everybody else is.

But continue. Read some songs . . . .

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