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Finn Langgaard:


Finn Hinst Langgaard lives in Aarhus, Denmark, and has been writing songs since the 1970'es.

This site has been established in October 2007. It presents a sample of the songs and it will be updated gradually with old songs and new songs.

All songs by Finn Langgaard except when otherwise noted.

Note on spelling in Danish: The Danish alphabet includes letters Æ, Ø, and Å, and some words can be spelled either with these letters or correspondingly with AE, OE, or AA.

Aarhus is often spelled Århus.


To see the songs or listen use the bar to the left:

Recordings & soundfiles
New songs
Songs in English
Songs in Danish


Most of the soundfiles are mp3 format. Some are in wma format that may require Windows Media Player.

Songs tend never to be completely finished but rather they seem to live and develop over time.

Consequently the dating of the songs is the month they were first written.

Some of the songs have been slightly altered over time and a few have had verses added but the majority of the songs are only altered insignificantly at most.


Information about Finn's public appearances and concerts will be supplied at this page or at Facebook (look for Finn Langgaard or Music by Finn Langgaard).

Other news and events:

This page contains news about music and announced events.

Other features:

Please visit the calendar, photo albums, and FAQ, and look for links to musicians.

More soundfiles will be added later. Six songs have been recorded at February 6, 2009, and some of them appear at this site.

Thanks to John Nørgaard for his help in relation to establishing this site.



You can also find Finn on Facebook. Look for "Finn Hinst Langgaard" or for "Music by Finn Langgaard" / - Music by Finn Langgaard.


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